My name is Chuck Carnahan and this Summer, I'm going on a little walk to raise funds for a very special cause.

The drive from Columbus to Nova, OH is only about an hour and a half but this Summer I will walk from the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, 85 miles north to Nova in search of the last living tree planted by Johnny Appleseed. American Forests, America's oldest historic tree registry, has kindly donated a live rooted cutting from this tree, (Essentially a clone of the original tree) which I will then walk back to Columbus to be planted on the grounds of the Franklin Park Conservatory. In all, the trip will be about 170 miles and take 6 days. The twist however, is that I will make the entire trip with nothing but what I take with me from the beginning. Food, shelter, everything I use or need.

By donating below, you are not only helping to bring a piece of living American history to Columbus, you’re helping the American Cancer Society bring cancer treatments to thousands of people. Your donations will also help the Franklin Park Conservatory and American Forests keep tomorrow green for everyone!

All funds raised will go to the American Cancer Society, American Forests and the Franklin Park Conservatory.

And please check back for regular updates!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3 began a little over an hour ago and is off to a good start. I should arrive at the Algeo farm between 3:00 and 3:30 today.


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